I've been spending time alone. 

As one, everything is quieter. Thoughts are stilled to softer voices; they flow slowly and extend deeper to unexplored parts. Surroundings are muted, and places themselves feel like intimate companions. Choices are simpler to make. Being with others- one on one, one on two, one on three, four, five- I'm still one, decidedly extending myself in directions and places I choose. 

As one of two, things are shared- thoughts, sandwiches, time. Words and ideas unlike my own are constantly received whether I agree or disagree. At the very least, I'm left conscious of them. 

As one of two, there's a constant pursuit for understanding, for harmony, for oneness. It's not uniformity that's sought, but unity. I don't feel myself dissolving into another, but I'm naturally affected by the movements of the other as the other becomes one to me, and I, two. 


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