I'll never forget the way I felt when I saw Monk by the Sea for the first time. I was sitting in a large lecture hall when my Art History professor, without warning, projected a massive image of the painting by Caspar David Friedrich against the screen that spanned the entire wall of the auditorium. 

The expanse of the sea and sky, the dark, morose, and stirring colors of the landscape swallowed me whole. I was gripped by the quiet but thrilling mood of the painting, and it seemed to me like the lone monk in the foreground looking out into the depth of the rushing water and wind felt what I felt at that moment, of which I couldn't describe. It was eerie, lonely, and awesome. 

I've recently began painting with oils again, a little bit every night before going to bed. I used to be strongly drawn to painting portraits and nudes, but my room began getting a little creepy with all these canvases against the wall of faces and body parts. 

Right now I really like just thinking about color and abstract forms and lines. 


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